Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My "Auto Awesome" Christmas Tree in Google+

Have you seen this happen to any of your photos in Google+ or Picasa? 

Auto Awesome Christmas Tree Twinkling via

It does not affect the original photo, but if applicable, Google+ will "Auto Awesome" your photos. 
Things like twinkling the lights on our Christmas tree above. 

Auto Awesome falling snow via

It will add falling snow to a snow scene. 
(The picture above is actually from our honeymoon last January.)

Auto Awesome model ship via

If you have a sequence of five or more similar pictures, it will automatically make a little animation out of them. 

Auto Awesome white tiger via

If you have a smartphone, you can use auto backup to send your photos directly to Google+, or you can upload photos directly from your computer. 

It's fun to go back to old pictures to see if any of them have been "Auto Awesome(d)".

It's also a bit creepy that they (Google) are doing this with our photos. I feel like I'm being watched. 
Well, we probably all are being watched, but that's another story. ha.  

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  1. Gotta admit that twinkling tree bit is quite cool!:)


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